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Veröffentlicht am 27th August 2021

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The new domain extension for companies based in Zurich – .zuerich

The time has come – you can now register your .zuerich top level domain extension with Swizzonic!

The exclusivity of the new TLD .zuerich is beyond question.

Only companies and public corporations with their registered office and activities in the canton of Zurich can register the new top level domain. The official launch date is December 2, 2021.

As registry operator, the Canton of Zurich guarantees the quality and security of the .zuerich TLD, which is the new top domain level domain for the strongest economic region in Switzerland and which already enjoys an excellent reputation.

Who is allowed to register a .zuerich domain as of December?

The new domain extension .zuerich is exclusively reserved for legal entities. This means that companies, organizations and public corporations with their registered office in the canton of Zurich are entitled to the registration and can thus present their connected point of view to the canton of Zurich and society in a stronger way.

Is there any way to submit a registration before the official launch date of December 2, 2021?

The multi-stage registration process allows applications to be submitted ahead of time. This multi-stage process is divided into three phases, for each of which different conditions have been defined.

The 3 Phases

Phase 1:

Trademark owners can submit an application to register their .zuerich domain as early as August 30.


Phase 2:

Public-law organizations with their administrative headquarters in the Canton of Zurich may submit an application as of September 30.


Phase 3:

Finally, from December 2, free registration of all stakeholders will be possible.



Note: Please note that registration is only possible directly and not on behalf of third parties.



In principle, early applications are allowed:


  1. On domains with a term which is actively registered in the Swiss Trademark Register…

    Note: An entry in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is additionally required. If you are a trademark owner and want to register this term for a .zuerich domain, but you are missing the TMCH entry, we will be happy to assist you personally to obtain it. (Costs: CHF 435.-).

  2. From public organizations with headquarters in the canton of Zurich: canton, municipalities, administrations, universities, schools and others.

    Note: In the case it must be proven that the applicant is supported by the public sector to at least 70%.
  3. From companies and organizations with headquarters and activities in the Canton of Zurich



Please note the terms and conditions above. Helpful links to the above topics can be found at the end of this post.

Swizzonic as official registrar – ICANN accredited

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