Technical Data Sheet: MAIL

Veröffentlicht am 25th February 2021


DOMAIN is registered at Swizzonic Ltd.

Subscription period 12 months.

All features are included in the price.

Advance payment without deduction due within 30 days from invoice date.

Period of notice: 35 days prior to the end of the respective subscription period.

Our general Terms and Conditions apply.

Technical Features


All DOMAIN endings are configurable (annual fee for DOMAIN is not included).


E-Mail Disk Space

6 GB disk space is available on the server for both IMAP and POP3 mailboxes (minimum capacity 5 MB). The maximum storage volume of 6 GB cannot be increased.


Data Transfer

Unlimited data transfer volume included.


Name server entries

Individual configuration of the name server entries is available for each of your DOMAINs. Besides A, CNAME, and MX entries, you can also configure NS, AAAA, SPF, SRV, and TXT entries. Additional set up option of separate name server entries for sub domains included.



Swizzonic IT infrastructure offers an average annual uptime of at least 99.9%, including 24/7 server monitoring and daily backup of your data.

Our helpdesk is available by phone and email from Monday to Friday, 8 -12 am and 1 – 6 pm.


MAIL meets the criteria set by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) – Circular 2008/7


Server Location Switzerland

Qualitative security monitoring of your data around the clock, 24/7 and 365 days a year, supported by a certified infrastructure in a secure location in Switzerland.


Mail Functions



Access and manage each mailbox of your DOMAIN through webmail and standard internet browsers.


E-Mail Aliases

An alias is an alternate e-mail address that enables you to access an existing mailbox. Designate as many aliases you like to the mailbox.


E-Mail forwarding

E-mail forwarding is a service that allows you to resend an email delivered to one email address to a different email address. It can also be used to direct emails coming to an address to a different destination.


E-Mail Autoreply

An automatic reply is a message set up to go out automatically in response to any emails that arrive. This function enables you to configure the text, as well as the beginning and the end of the automatic message for each mailbox.




Secure E-Mail Transfer

Send and receive your e-mails though a secured SSL connection.


Spam and Virus Protection

You are able to administer the following settings on a DOMAIN or mailbox level:


Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Sender Policy Framework, or SPF, is a technical standard that helps protect email senders and recipients from spam, spoofing, and phishing.