SWIZZ Hosting packages

A successful online presence starts with a domain and the perfect hosting from Switzerland

Suitable hosting packages from Swizzonic on a modern and secure infrastructure

Try the all-inclusive hosting package by Swizzonic with any purchased domain for free
DNS included
1-click installation of CMS
1 GB cPanel storage space
5 GB monthly traffic
Backup recovery: not included
vRam: 512 MB
1 Hosting Data Base included
1 FTP user
3 mailboxes
Max. email size 1 GB
50 Hourly messages out
Webmail included
Imap & SMTP included
Let's encrypt SSL certificate included
GET SWIZZFREE and create an emailGET SWIZZFREE and create an email
The ideal hosting package for beginners with any purchased domain
DNS included
1-click installation of CMS
5 GB cPanel storage space
25 GB monthly traffic
Backup recovery: included
vRam: 512 MB
1 Hosting Data Base included
1 FTP user
10 mailboxes
Max. email size 5 GB
100 Hourly messages out
Webmail included
Imap & SMTP included
Let's encrypt SSL certificate included
BUY SWIZZBUDGET and create an emailBUY SWIZZBUDGET and create an email
The pro hosting package for developers & SMEs with an unlimited number of domains
DNS included
1-click installation of CMS
100 GB cPanel storage space
1000 GB monthly traffic
Backup recovery: included
vRam: 1024 MB
100 Hosting Data Base included
unlimited FTP users
100 mailboxes
Max. email size 25 GB
500 Hourly messages out
Webmail included
Imap & SMTP included
Let's encrypt SSL certificate included
BUY SWIZZPREMIUM and create an emailBUY SWIZZPREMIUM and create an email

With every SWIZZhosting package you will get personal support from our internal Swiss team of experts.

SWIZZfree Hosting

Get a free personalised website and/or email with your personal domain.

SWIZZbudget Hosting

SWIZZbudget Hosting is the high-flying web and mail hosting package. The choice is yours – with 5 GB of web space you can create an inspiring website/online store and enjoy the experience of a very personal email with 10 mailboxes included. A SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt) is included.

SWIZZbusiness Hosting

With SWIZZbusiness you get a web and mail hosting package for you business ventures. You can use 25GB of web space to create a website/online store and 50 mailboxes. Included in this bundle is a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

SWIZZpremium Hosting

SWIZZpremium is the ultimate all-inclusive hosting package for SMEs and developers. With an unlimited number of domains, you can use 100GB of web space for an online presence including website, online store and personal email addresses with up to 100 mailboxes. This package comes with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate included.

Note: You can upgrade SWIZZfree, SWIZZbudget and SWIZZbusiness to an elevated package at any time.


Domain included in every package

SSL certificate included in all packages (Let’s encrypt)

Hosting included in all packages with a minimum of 5 GB

FTP database included in all packages

Email included in all packages with a minimum of 3 mailboxes

Backup recovery included in most packages

vRAM of a minimum of 512 MB

DNS included in all packages

minimum monthly traffic of 5 GB


SWIZZ Hosting

What is SWIZZ Hosting?

SWIZZ Hosting is a hosting based on the Linux operating system, where you can allocate files and pages of a website on the cPanel to make them accessible and visible online.

SWIZZ Hosting packages are perfect to host sites created with a CMS through 1-click installation such as WordPress, Joomla! and PrestaShop, both for the use of PHP, and for the compatibility of resources.

In addition, choosing a SWIZZ Hosting plan for your website allows you to count on a large number of installable applications, considering that Linux is an open-source platform with a very active community that continuous releases of new applications and features.

To evaluate which package is the right one for your personal project or venture, define how many domains you will require, how much storage space you believe is right for the content you want to share and how many mailboxes you will want to own. Naturally our customer service will be happy to advise you on what package to chose.

What features do the email accounts included in SWIZZ Hosting have?

Every SWIZZ Hosting package includes several mailboxes personalized to the chosen domain name. The number of emails available varies depending on the package chosen. These mailboxes are activated only on domains managed by Swizzonic purchased by the same owner having aquired the SWIZZ Hosting package.

With a Swiss email hosting you and your company can benefit from a strong reputation in security and enhanced telecommunications and business secrecy.

What are the different SWIZZ Hosting plans offered by Swizzonic?

Swizzonic provides you with four different packages all based on the various needs linked to a successful online presence.

You can try out the SWIZZ hosting starting off with our free version, SWIZZfree, the perfect lift off for your presence online. If all you want is a basic online presence, the small hosting package SWIZZbudget is the ideal solution. Do you have more advanced ventures in mind – then we advise you to choose one of our medium hosting package SWIZZbusiness. For businesses, we suggests you opt for our largest hosting package SWIZZpremium.

All SWIZZ Hosting packages come with sufficient webspace and include Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, a personal domain and email.

Additionally, all the SWIZZ Hosting packages can be upgraded, if required.

Can I build a WordPress based website on SWIZZ Hosting?

You can create your WordPress website on the SWIZZ Hosting package through 1-click installation. The different packages all support and provide the relevant processing power and memory capacity, as well as the PHP technical standards required for a WordPress website. If you end up needing more webspace for your website you can quickly and easily upgrade to the following package in your user account on the cPanel.

Swizzonic also offers a webhosting with a preinstalled and managed WordPress, suitable for users needing a little more support and help, with automatic backups. Find out more on our Managed WordPress PRESENCE.