Summer Sale: Refer and earn

Veröffentlicht am 3rd August 2021

Refer a friend and earn



You are a part of our SwizzoniCommunity already and for that we want to thank you! Now you can help us expand the community.


Refer a friend to Swizzonic and get a 10% discount on a product of your choice.

Here’s how it works:


  1. Fill out the complete contact form and submit it
  2. You and your friend will receive a confirmation email with instructions about the discount promotion
  3. Now it’s your friend’s turn: he has to open a new user account and buy at least one product
  4. We will grant your friend a 10% discount on his first order. If the invoice has already been paid we will reissue it with the discount and credit the difference to his user account.
  5. As soon as your friend’s order reaches us and is confirmed, you will get the discount on the product of your choice, for a renewal period of one year.

You have the possibility to recommend Swizzonic to more than one friend. We will then extend the desired product accordingly for several years.

Note: Orders on plus points are excluded. Products can be extended for max. 10 years. Valid exclusively on one product of your choice for an extention period of least one year. The discount will be credited to the selected product in the following year. Discount cannot be redeemed more than once on the same product or on several products within one year. This discount promotion is not cumulative with other discounts or promotions of Swizzonic AG. Time limit period restricted to two weeks, beginning with our receival of the contact form.

Obviously you can invite more than one friend to the circle.

However, we ask you to use one contact form per friend and consult our terms & conditions for the participation.


We’re celebrating National Day. Join us for the celebration! 

In celebration of the first of August, discover the exclusive top-level domain from Switzerland for Switzerland.


The top level domain exklusive to Switzerland.

Give your website an elevated status and true exclusivity for visitors.


The gTLD .swiss is synonymous with high quality and is therefore essential for promoting your services and products. Its reputation has long surpassed the country’s borders and represents a digital seal of quality. 

What does gTLD stand for?

gTLD is the abbreviation for generic Top Level Domain. These domains include the famous endings .com, .org or .swiss and are generic by nature.

In contrast, the abbreviation ccTLD stands for country code Top Level Domain. This category is identified by two-character endings, such as .ch, or .li. The gTLD .swiss has been on the market since October 2014, and can only be acquired by registered Swiss companies and organizations.

What added value does the gTLD .swiss offer?

The gTLD .swiss is unique in that it is reserved exclusively for registered companies based in Switzerland. Strongly linked with the values and mentality of the country, .swiss instantly elevates a website both in Switzerland and worldwide.

Currently registrations by individuals are not yet possible.


Please have the following information at hand for the registration a .swiss domain:

Note: Associations, foundations and entities can request their UID at the BFS (you can find the link on our website). 

Find more information on .swiss domain registrations here.