Successful start for new domain extensions

Veröffentlicht am 21st May 2014

As the launch of more than a hundred new domain extensions shows: at Swizzonic it has been possible for more than 90 percent of the reservations from customers for new domains to be converted into registrations. The owners of such domains will benefit from an improved Google ranking.

At Swizzonic customers can reserve their desired domain with a booking for the “new generic top level domains” (new gTLDs). Since 5 February over 100 new domain extensions have already been released. It is impossible to register domains like,,,,, bau.centre, or through Swizzonic. By booking, the customers have been awarded the contract for the domain name in more than 90 percent of cases. Domain owners who want a shorter or more appropriate domain can make reservations for the still upcoming domain extensions or directly register a domain with the domain extensions already released.

The right name leads to a higher Google ranking

Experts in the analysis of search engines have shown by practical examples that a suitable domain extension can put you in the front seats for searches on Google. In addition to a shorter or more meaningful name, the owner of a new domain has an additional benefit: the website is easier to find on the network. The selected extension must match the contents of the website for a sustainable result.

Registration of the domain name of choice

Swizzonic is the only provider in the Switzerland to offer booking for a specific domain. The customer is told when he can convert his non-binding booking into a fixed registration request. Then Swizzonic tries to register the domain for the customer at the start of the direct access to the public registry – so far with with success for more than 90 percent of the bookings. If this is unsuccessful, there is no cost for the customer.