Security notice on domain ownership

Veröffentlicht am 18th November 2020

Are you the owner of your domain?
Find out here, why this is essential.


The so-called “domain holder” is the legal owner of a domain. Therefore the registered domain holder, be it a company or private person, is the only one, who can manage and make decisions about the named domain.


Lately we have noticed an increase in unresolved domain ownership cases.
I.e. Individuals/companies, who in their opinion are entitled to the domain ownership, but are not registered as the legal domain holder.

This tends to happen, when e.g. a friend or acquaintance, webmaster or an agency registered the domains on your behalf.

In the worst case scenario, this can lead to an unforeseen loss of the domain.

For example when:

– the domain is transfered out, possibly even to a new owner,

– the domain is transferred to another holder,

– or the registered owner is liquidated e.g. through insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings.

Another resulting challenge can be a temporary unavailability of the domain. This can be remedied, if noticed on time, by a so-called domain reactivation, to inhibit a permenant loss of the domain.

For example when:

– the domain is deleted from the previously registered owner,

– or the registered owner (unless you are directly entered as the billing contact) fails to pay the annual domain bill on time.


We therefore strongly suggest , that you are registered as the holder of any domain used to run your website, be this for private or business purposes.

Note: The support of the website by e.g. an external web designer remains independent of the holdership. You have the option to add a third party as a technical administrator, granting them access to all technical matters.

For more detailed information on the technical administrator be sure to consult: What is a technical administrator? How can I authorise a web designer to design my website?

Check whether you are the holder of your domain, if this is not the case, please contact the current holder immediately.

Create a user account with Swizzonic and ask the current holder to transfer the domain to you. Find an instruction here