Professional Shop solution for your WordPress Website

p.a.CHF 139.-


Preinstalled Webshop for your WordPress website

  • Advanced WooCommerce Plugin with additional features by Swizzonic
  • Sell unlimited amount of product and services through your web shop
  • Individualize layout and design according your brand identity
  • Including newest payment method QR-Billing
  • Automatic Backup, Updates & Restores by Swizzonic
  • Technical Datasheet

Unlimited success for your online venture

Grow your business online with E-Commerce Shop – the preconfigured web shop solution for your WordPress website.

Deliver the highest standards regarding a safe selling and shopping experience to your customers with this WooCommerce plugin. Whether digital or physical products – there are no limits for your success online.

Benefit from our Premium add-on and services by Swizzonic, including installation, updates and backups and a special feature: QR-bill for a fast and error-free transaction online.


Embed products through easy-to-individualize Gutenberg Content-Blocks

QR Payment Method

Shopping Cart View within navigation

Convenient Checkout Process

Modify font and colours in compliance with your brand identity

Inventory Management & Tracking

Discount Code Settings

WooCommerce Mobile App

Fast loading speed & top price-performance in relation to other popular store systems

Post unlimited number of products/services for sale

p.a.CHF 139.-



  • Offer your customers an state-of-the-art online buying experience by adding this WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress website. Including additional service features by Swizzonic’s WordPress team
  • Embed products on any page via Gutenberg Blocks
  • Product variants
  • Physical and digital products
  • Display of the shopping cart in the navigation
  • Clear checkout process
  • Customization of typography and colors via Customizer
  • Inventory management
  • Discount codes
  • Sales statistics
  • WooCommerce Mobile App
  • QR payment slip
Ideal for
  • any kind of commercial presence on the Internet
Price & Conditions
  • CHF 139.- / year
  • Requirement: WordPress website with PRESENCE and DOMAIN registered with Swizzonic
p.a.CHF 430.-


WordPress CMS for your website

We provide you with a pre-built website, equipped with popular WordPress extensions called plugins.

To customize your website, all you have to do is fill in your own content.

Our team will not only install the website for you, but also take care of its maintenance and ensure its continuous protection.



How many products can I sell with E-Commerce?

With E-Commerce, the WooCommerce Add-On by Swizzonic created especially for your WordPress website, an unlimited number of products can be displayed and sold online. They are distingished as follows:
– Digitally available products, i.e. the product or service is sold/used digitally and therefore not requiring a physical shipping method.
– Downloadable products. This type of product, allows the defining use of various parameters such as: frequency of download & time availability of the product after purchase.
– Grouped products
– External/affiliate products
– Variable products

Which payment methods can I offer E-commerce?

The pre-installed payment methods for WooCommerce are credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal. To use this option, you’ll need an account with the respective payment processor and an associated bank account.
If you would like to enable other payment methods, such as Swiss Postcard or Twint, you’ll have to install a plugin on your e-commerce site, and have a contract with one of the payment service providers that supports these payment methods.

Where can I get extensions for my e-commerce shop?

Various extensions are offered for WooCommerce in the form of so-called plugins.
If you would like to make adjustments that require one (or more) specific plugin(s), you are welcome to consult us. Our team of experts is well versed in WordPress & WooCommerce plugins and can recommend quality providers and pre-select reliable plugins for every need. You are, of course, free to install any plugin yourself.
Please note that in case of a self-installation, we do not take any responsibility regarding usability, compatibility or security vulnerabilities.

Why choose E-Commerce by Swizzonic vs. free WooCommerce plugin from

Swizzoni’s E-Commerce, is a pre-installed and pre-configured WooCommerce. It will save you the struggle and allow you to start entering your articles in the E-Commerce shop right away.
Exclusive E-Commerce function: In addition to the standard payment methods such as Stripe and PayPal, Swizzonic’s E-Commerce enables the most popular payment methods in Switzerland – payment by invoice including automatic invoice generation with QR deposit slip without the installation of further plugins.

How can I swiftly register a large number of products?

You can import products via CSV or XML files instead of entering them manually and individually.
WooCommerce itself comes with sample products, which are available in the plugins folder woocommerce/sample-data in the two variant files sample_products.csv and sample_products.xml. Product images can also be imported automatically if they are accessible via a web address (URL).

How can I activate vouchers or discount codes?

Vouchers can be generated in the form of a fixed discount amount on a single product or the entire shopping basket, or defined as a percentage discounts. Additional parameters can be defined as well: e.g. minimum goods value and/or usage limits such as a maximum usage per user or in total.
This is how the voucher function works on E-Commerce:
Check Enable Vouchers > Enable use of voucher codes in WooComerce > Settings > General.
After that, you can go to:
WooCommerce > Coupons or Marketing > Coupons > Add coupons.