Webhosting for Websites and Domains

WEB Swiss

  • Server location: Switzerland
  • Webhosting with highest security standards
  • Server Performance (SSD)
  • DNS management
  • One-Click Installation
  • SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt)
  • Webhosting for an unlimited amount of domains and/or subdomains
  • 25 GB storage space
  • 10 MySQL database
  • Technical Datasheet

Maximised security and modern IT infrastructure in Swiss data centres.

WEB Swiss webhosting is the new, high-performance hosting package by Swizzonic, which we have developed due to high demand and at the request of many of our customers and partners.

High performance for your websites, domains and hosting

WEB Swiss is equipped with industry-leading features and was defined in consideration of the most important factor, a high level of security of data on the network.

This webhosting supports your internet presence with sufficient storage space for any number of websites and is highly compatible with different content management systems (CMS). It also offers one-click installations for everyday CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla!, Typo3, Drupal, Moodle, PrestaShop, MODx and Matomo.

Optimised webhosting to the latest standard

Use WEB Swiss webhosting and experience the latest standard with reliable IT infrastructure and speed for efficient and secure storage of your data on the net.

More power for a strong presence on the net

Whether for a secure data exchange via synchronised mail clients, online presence vie website*s and/or databases – with WEB Swiss we meet your highest demands regarding data security and protection of your online presence. With Swiss server location and therefore data protection according to Swiss law.


With 1-click installation, easily install all common Content Management Systems (CMS) – user-friendly for everyone

Create regular backups & snapshots in a few clicks

Individual configurations for every website

24/7 availability of the ultra-fast website

Use of any CMS

DDoS Protection and ServerCache

Swiss Server Location

Add Ons for WEB Swiss

WEB Swiss AddOn

Increased power and capacity for your websites and apps

Security and trustworthiness right off the bat



What is Webhosting

For a website you need 1) an address to locate the page, the so-called domain, and 2) a place for the website. Webhosting describes the provision of this space, the so-called web space on the server.

What is a Web Server

A web server is a server, which transfers your website and its documents to a browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Edge oder Firefox. Computers with the web server software installed are referred to as web servers.

What is HTTPS

https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and is a communication protocol on the internet. It encrypts the data transmission between the website and the visitor. This ensures that the data shared cannot be read by unauthorised third parties. Domains protected with SSL certificates are accessed via https://.

What is an SSL certificate (Why do you need SSL encryption)

With an SSL certificate you ensure trust for your website visitors. With the digital certificate, the identity of your website can be authenticated by the user and information can be sent to the server in encrypted form using SSL technology. Most browsers currently no longer open websites without an SSL certificate.

How much storage space do I need for a website or webshop

A basic installation of a CMS uses around 50-200 MB of web space. In addition, there are individual variable extensions, so-called plug-ins and the size of the website template used (also called theme). Depending on the requirements of the website with downloads, high-resolution videos, graphics or photos, the storage space varies. Our WEB Swiss hosting with 25 GB of storage space offers space for a fully equipped website and can be expanded with additional storage space as required.

How to install webhosting for my domain

The web hosting can be assigned individually via the user account of the respective domain. If you already have an existing webhosting with another provider, you can transfer your domain to Swizzonic as follows.

Which hosting do I need for my website

For beginners, we recommend our easy-to-use Sitebuilder. TOOL Premium allows you to design and publish a website online without any previous knowledge.
If you prefer your own content management system (CMS) or want to code you website from scratch, our hybrid hosting product WEB Swiss is your best choice. With WEB Swiss, any common CMS can be set up and activated with a one-click installation.
Are familiar with WordPress? You have the option of a Managed WordPress by Swizzonic. As part of the WordPress hosting service, we take over the maintenance and technical updating of your WordPress site so that you can exclusively take care of the content – worry-free.

What is MySQL database and how much do I need for my website

MySQL is one of the most widely used database management systems and the basis for many websites – including WordPress, for example. As a rule, one MySQL database is required per website. The MySQL database can be administered at Swizzonic as follows.

What does shared hosting mean

Shared hosting is hosting where several customer websites are created on one web server. The counterpart to this is dedicated hosting, where a customer rents an entire server.