Website Builder TOOL Premium – Create your own website

TOOL Premium

p.a CHF 16513.75 CHF/month
TOOL Premium_Swizzonic
  • 60+ Modern Design Templates
  • design without code, simply drag and drop your content
  • 100+ Pre-made content blocks per template
  • Free image database from
  • Website Set-Up Wizard
  • Operate intuitively on the website builder
  • Webshop for 100 products (SHOP) or 2500 products (SHOP Pro)
  • Secure website with SSL certificate
  • Responsive design

Imagine websites so intuitive, they practically build themselves.

Build your website easily and in style with our award-winning website builder TOOL Premium and launch your online success story with your own web store today.

Let us introduce you to the latest sitebuilder technology for a new generation of website designs. Experience the fastest and modern website compositions with TOOL Premium now.

State-of-the-art usability features reduce your personal effort to the most essential – Simply a smart web design.

Visit our sample website to view the design template gallery and for more information about the Sitebuilder and matching webshop solutions.

Premium Features

No prior technical or design knowledge required

Multifaceted selection of ready-made content blocks

Wizard assistant to set up the website

Secure website with SSL encryption


Integration of web analysis tools

p.a.CHF 165
TOOL Premium_Swizzonic

TOOL Premium


  • User-friendly web building kit editor
  • Secure websites thanks to SSL encryption. Incl. visible label
  • Website builder TOOL Premium supports editing and responsive display of your website on all current web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. Note: Internet Explorer is not a current web browser
  • Professional stylish web design
  • Choice of 60+ beautiful design templates
  • Each design template has a multi-faceted selection of 100+ preconfigured content blocks
  • Fonts, icons, color schemes are always in line with the selected design template
  • Make changes to text and content directly in the template at the touch of a finger or mouse click
  • Supports multilingualism
  • Maximum file size per upload 250 MB
Ideal for
  • Any idea, business, occasion and mission online.
  • Campaign, gallery, store, business one-pager, contact form, personal homepage, etc.
  • Stylish and contemporary online presence, whether private or business.
  • Absolutely no knowledge of programming, graphics and design required
Price & Conditions
  • CHF 165.- / year
  • Price refers to a contract period of one year & requires a domain registered with Swizzonic.
  • Please note that domain(s) and purchased hosting products are only activated and available after all invoices have been settled.
  • Technical Information
Add On e-commerce

Launch your personal online store

Premium shopping experience for your customers. From start-ups, grow-ups to wholesalers – there’s something for everyone.

p.a.CHF 130.-
TOOL Shop_Swizzonic


SHOP is equipped with all the key e-commerce and point-of-sale features to start, run and grow an online business globally.

In addition to differentiated sales options, SHOP supports up to 37 languages, over 45 payment gateways, internationally known delivery services, shipping tracking and much more.

Display of up to 100 products

p.a.CHF 360.-


High-end platform for your business with advanced features such as customer account, customizable forms, app management and more.

SHOP Pro is an upgrade of SHOP and ideal for merchants with high business volume, as well as companies that place special emphasis on customer-oriented sales processes.

Display of up to 2500 products


TOOL Premium

How do I create a website for free?

With us you automatically get free access to Sitebuilder TOOL Basic, for simple creation of a beautiful website. Including SSL certificate to protect the website data for you and your visitors. You only pay the annual domain price.

This is how it works: Once you have registered a domain with us and a user account has been opened, after logging in to the user account, select “Manage DOMAIN” in the menu bar to get to the DOMAIN Manager.

To assign TOOL Basic final to your domain, click the “Assign/edit products” button in the “Action” column. Then scroll to the Sitebuilder tab and TOOL Basic in the table bar that opens below. Now assign TOOL Basic to your domain using the “Assign/Edit Products” button.

Then open the Sitebuilder, select the design template and start creating the website.
Detailed instructions on how to create a website, how to use TOOL Editor and helpful tips for a good website can be found here.

How do I create a webshop for free?

When you buy a domain at Swizzonic, you automatically get access to TOOL Basic Sitebuilder and SHOP Basic Editor for selling 3 items. Valid for online and PayPal payment methods.

This is how it works: Once you are in TOOL Basic Sitebuilder (for instructions see Q&A “How do I create a website for free”) you can open the menu item Website in the menu navigation bar of TOOL Basic Sitebuilder via drop-down and select Online Shop.

After that a hint window will open on the screen. By confirming the button Exit Site, you will then enter the SHOP Basic environment. The SHOP Basic setup wizard will guide you through the installation of the webshop in 5 steps.

Design adjustments regarding the display of products & prices can also be configured in the SHOP environment > in the menu on the left under Design.

Then switch back to the editor > the button is located in the top left navigation bar.
To display the products on the website, open the content library and select the Online Shop content block. Voilà your first webshop is ready.

What are the advantages of the paid website builder TOOL Premium?

With TOOL Premium you have unlimited possibilities to design your website. In addition to more extensive data volume upload (photos, etc.), you can create as many menu subpages on the website (with the free version TOOL Basic only 2 pages are possible).

What are the advantages of the paid SHOP web store builder?

With SHOP, you can put up to 100 products online and sell them, set more than 45 payment methods, offer RealTime shipping calculation for your customer, have inventory automatically checked and create sales analysis, and integrate national and international delivery services.
Learn more about SHOP here.

How do I connect a domain to my website?

Once you have logged in to your Swizzonic customer account, with the 7-digit UserID and personal password, you will automatically be in the Admin panel.
Select “Manage DOMAIN” in the menu bar to get to the DOMAIN manager.
To assign TOOL Premium final to your domain, click the “Assign/Edit Products” button in the “Action” column. Then scroll down to the Sitebuilder tab and TOOL Premium in the table bar that opens below. Now assign TOOL Premium to your domain using the “Assign/Edit Products” button.

What are the most important criteria for a good website?

With TOOL Sitebuilder you can create a professional web presence yourself without any design and programming knowledge.
Read here 3 authoritative rules for creating an attractive website according to today’s design standards and principles:

1. Hick’s Law states that the more decisions an individual has, the longer it will take to make a decision.
Therefore, prioritize information and reduce the number of advanced links and call-to-action buttons for your website visitor.

2. Less is more. Don’t distract too much from the content and avoid graphic overload.

Graphic elements like photos, colors, and shapes are helpful for branding, but all in bulk.

3. White spaces on the website improve readability and make it easier to “take in” the whole picture.

Can I simply use images from the Internet (e.g. Google Image Search) for my website?

Many images on the Internet are subject to a so-called copyright, i.e. the use of the image is protected by copyright and requires the consent of the author or legal owner.

With TOOL (Basic and Premium) you have access to one of the most extensive, free image databases on the Internet, which is provided by

You have automatic access to the Unsplash image database via each image content block. The use of the photos remains free of charge.