The latest Sitebuilder-Technology for a new generation of website design. Discover now the newest functions and features of TOOL Premium to easily create your own website.

p.a.CHF 165

TOOL Premium

  • NEW: Multifunctional Templates
  • NEW: License-Free Font-Pairing
  • NEW: Beautiful Colour Palettes

INTUITIVE Sitebuilder

Imagine websites so intuitive, they practically build themselves.

Experience the fastest and most stylish way of building a website. Newest user technology and state-of-the-art features reduces your own effort down to what really counts – simply a nice website.

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No programming, graphic or design skills necessary

An abundant selection of pre-configured Content-Blocks

Control your Wireframe like Professionals Do

Create and launch your page from any device

Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Editor


TOOL Premium

About the Sitebuilder

  • Empowers you to create and publish a professional website without any prior technical, graphic and design knowledge.
  • Offers a variety of ready-made content blocks, covering every need and aspect of a modern website from A to Z – from header to footer.
  • Enjoy next level of responsiveness. Not only will your website automatically appear responsive on all gadgets. It’s even possible to create and launch your page from any device.
  • TOOL supports a responsive creation and display of your website on all current web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. Kindly note: Internet Explorer is not a current web browser.

Why TOOL Premium?

  • Bright selection of responsive design templates, ensuring your website’s look & feel works smooth on any device.
  • Preconfigured and well-assorted content-block library, supporting and inspiring you to compose the right frame and content for your website and audience.
  • A safe website thanks to SSL encryption including a visible label.

Ideal for

  • Everyone who want’s to control it’s wireframe like Professional’s and Agencies do.
  • Suitable for every idea, business, cause and mission.
  • Ain’t no coding, graphic and design skills required.

Price & Conditions

  • CHF 165.- per year
  • Kindly note, that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical Information
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