SECURE Standard

Trust for your visitors

  • Encrypted transmission
  • Credibility
Optimal Protection

For the encrypted and secure transmission of data on the Internet as the best protection for your website

Trustworthiness is one of the most important criteria for exchanging electronic data on the internet. To protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, the transfer must be encrypted and the authenticity of the communication partner has to be checked. We will verify your identity and create an SSL certificate, with which you can credibly display your identity to the visitors of your website.


Trust online

Compatible with over 99% of all conventional web browsers

Protect sensible data from unauthorised access


The lock for your website

SECURE Standard

  • Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access through encrypted transmission

Why SECURE Standard?

  • An SSL certificate that allows you to credibly show your identity to the visitor to your website

Who is SECURE Standard for?

  • For all those who work with WEB and want to protect a website with an SSL certificate

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