SSL certificates: Security and trustworthiness right off the bat

The right Swizzonic SSL certificate to protect your website and assure your visitors.


DOMAIN Validation

Ideal for private individuals who want to validate and protect a DOMAIN. The DV SSL is mobile friendly and compatible with all major browsers.

p.aCHF 80
Swizzonic suggests

Instant SSL

Organisation Validation

The SSL certificate for companies or organisations to credibly validate and protect a DOMAIN. The Instant SSL is mobile-friendly and compatible with all major browsers.

p.aCHF 115


Extended Validation

The best SSL certificate for businesses to credibly validate and protect a DOMAIN. It assures more orders and/or reservations The EV SSL is mobile-friendly, compatible with all major browsers and ensures the highest level of verification.

p.aCHF 240

If you want to validate and protect all your DOMAINs, then we recommend our Wildcard SSL certificates: Our Wildcard certificates offer all the benefits of the standard SSL certificates, with the added advantage of protecting an unlimited number of subdomains.


DV SSL Wildcard

DOMAIN Validation

p.aCHF 320

Premium SSL Wildcard

Organisation Validation

p.aCHF 425


256-bit certificate, encrypted with additional 2048-bit root

Unlimited security support

Compatible with all major browsers

Increases search ranking on Google

Security seal on websites


SSL Certificates

What is SSL/ an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate is a cryptographic file type that encrypts the data transfer of a website. This has the advantage that the website can be visited safely and private data can be exchanged in a trustworthy manner.

Do I need an SSL certificate for my website*s?

An SSL certificate provides your website visitors with more security and thus ensures greater trust when using the corresponding online offers. Furthermore, an SSL certificate has a positive effect on the Google ranking. So we always recommend an SSL certificate for your website*s.

How do I find the right SSL certificate for my website*s?

There are various offers of SSL certificates. To find a suitable SSL certificate for your website, please see the following link for more information: