Protect your Domain

p.a.CHF 34


  • No unauthorised deletions
  • Additional protection from name server changes
  • Only authorised domain transfer

Additional protection services for your domain

A particular domain carries a higher value due to personal or economic reasons and you wish to make sure that this domain is managed exclusively by an authorised person?

E.g. Your domain cannot be simply deleted in case of a late invoice settling or in case of any other special circumstances and changes that require additional care of your domain and needs to be handled with caution.

Get our add-on service SAFE to increase the protection of your domain.


Avoids automatic deletion of your domain in case of delayed payments

Domain remains safely protected in case of password loss

Additional protection in case of domain hacking attempts

Change requests are carefully checked and processed

Protect your domain from involuntary changes

p.a.CHF 34



  • Protection of your DOMAIN from unwilling deletion, unauthorised name server modification and inadvertent transfer
  • Changes requests for your DOMAIN are in compliance with a thorough investigation made by our team and are only valid through an authorised person nominated by your or your organisation / company.
  • Each change request will be reviewed carefully and verified individually by our team
  • No automatic deletions for non-payment or delayed payments
Ideal for
  • Particular DOMAIN that carries a higher value due some personal or economic reasons.
Price & Conditions
  • CHF 34.-/year
  • DOMAIN registered at Swizzonic
  • Kindly note, that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical details