Data protection

p.a.CHF 19


  • Data anonymity for domain holder
  • Non-disclosure of personal data with domain administration office and public
  • Data remains in Switzerland

Anonymity and Privacy

for private and business customers

Once a domain is registered, the address of the holder (and in some case the phone number and e-mail address) will be published the general Whois domain database.

By adding the product PRIVACY to your DOMAIN your personal datas won’t be disclosed with the public and won’t be visible in the Whois database. PRIVACY protects your personal information and provides an address of a representative instead.


Protection against identity theft and domain hijacking

Hidden address data in the public Whois

Reduces junk, spam and fraud e-mails

You remain the rightful owner

p.a.CHF 19



  • Protection of privacy by ensuring that your personal DOMAIN data is not publicly accessible.
  • Your data is not visible in the public Whois
  • Your address data remains protected and cannot be publicly queried and reused by third parties.
ideal for
  • domain owners who require confidentiality and security of their personal information
Price & Conditions
  • CHF 19.- per year
  • DOMAIN registered at Swizzonic
  • Kindly note, that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical details