Data protection

p.a.CHF 19


  • Data Anonymity for Domain Holder
  • No personal data transmission to the domain administration office
  • Data stays in Switzerland
For private customers and businesses

Preserving anonymity and privacy

As soon as a DOMAIN is registered, the address of the holder (and in some cases the phone number as well as e-mail address) is publicly available on the Whois database. By using our option PRIVACY you are able to protect your personal data. That means that switchplus will protect all of your personal information and provide the registry with the address information of a representative. By doing so, the address of the representative will be published on Whois and your contact details will remain hidden.


You remain the rightful owner

Protection against identity theft and domain hijacking

Hidden address data in the public Whois

Minimise unwanted newsletters, advertisement, junk or fraud e-mails




  • Protection of privacy by ensuring that your personal DOMAIN data is not publicly accessible.


  • Your data is not visible in the public Whois
  • Your address data remains protected and cannot be publicly queried and reused by third parties.

Who is PRIVACY for?

  • All holders (domain holders) with a need for confidentiality and security

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