MAIL storage space extension by 2 GB or 5 GB

Produkt MAIL_Speicherplatz_E-Mail-Adresse Swizzonic

Upgrade 2GB

  • Extension of storage space by 2GB
  • Data location: Switzerland
Produkt MAIL_Speicherplatz_E-Mail-Adresse Swizzonic

Upgrade 5GB

  • Extension of storage space by 5GB
  • Data location: Switzerland

The ideal upgrades

for secure data exchange

Increase your MAIL storage space for a smooth and continuously optimized email communication and accessibility.

The MAIL product of Swizzonic includes the activation of an unlimited number of domains.

Other benefits of the MAIL service include effective spam and virus protection, as well as an extensive web interface with all important e-mail functions for any number of e-mail accounts.

MAIL Upgrade


  • Increased storage space by 2GB or 5GB respectively with Swiss data location
  • A private email solution based on your own domain
  • Integration of an unlimited number of domains
  • Addition of an unlimited number of email addresses to a fixed price
Prices and conditions


Customizable expansion of the storage space by 2GB or 5GB

A cost-efficient email solution with high security and functionality

Responsive retrieval of emails via mobile, PC, tablet

No own IT infrastructure necessary

Individualized Outlook functions

Data location: Switzerland


MAIL Upgrade

What is MAIL Upgrade?

MAIL Upgrade is an extension of the storage space for the MAIL product. The storage space can be expanded by 2 GB or by 5 GB.

How do I add MAIL Upgrade to my user account?

Easily add MAIL Upgrade to your account by purchasing the product.

What should I consider before buying MAIL Upgrade?

To add the MAIL upgrade, you need a registered DOMAIN with Swizzonic and the MAIL product.