Domain with a personal email


  • Webmail for private individuals
  • Personalised email address for any domain
  • 6 GB storage space
  • Data storage in Switzerland

Your personal email address

for secure data exchange

MAIL enables you to have mailboxes with high availability and storage space for your email communication. A special feature of MAIL is the connection to an unlimited number of domains. This product includes an antivirus and spam protection software, a considerable web-surface with every important email feature and unlimited numbers of email accounts.


A cost-efficient email solution

Unlimited number of mailboxes

Responsive retrieval of mails via mobile, PC, tablet

Spam and virus protection



Produkt MAIL_E-Mail-Adresse Swizzonic_Email Domain kaufen
  • Cost-effective email address/- solution
  • Privacy protection
  • All data stored in Switzerland
  • A private email address for your own domain
  • Unlimited number of domains can be added
  • Unlimited number of email addresses at a fixed price
  • Access via all end devices or browsers
Ideal for
  • Private individuals who want a personal email with unlimited addresses.
  • Users who want to keep their data in Switzerland.
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What is the advantage of an email hosting from Switzerland?

In recent years, Switzerland has developed into one of the leading data locations in Europe and enjoys an excellent reputation.

The secure handling of sensitive data is guaranteed by the Data Protection Act, telecommunications secrecy or business secrecy.

These are important advantages of Switzerland as a business location.

In addition to this reliable legal system, Switzerland is considered an optimal data location in particular due to its excellent infrastructures, the availability of specialised personnel and its political and economic stability.

How can I create my (personal) email?

If you have purchased our MAIL product, you can create a new mail address in just a few clicks:

1. In the navigation menu of the Swizzonic user account, click on Administration of products > MAIL- ADMIN.

2. Select the desired domain for your mail address in the drop-down menu

3. Confirm with the button “add email account”

4. Create your email address together with a personal password in the following form fields

5. Finalise the creation of the email account by clicking on “Save”

Your emails can now be accessed and sent via webmail.

What is the difference between MAIL and HEX?

With MAIL you have 6 GB of storage space and can link up to 10 different DOMAINs, as well as open as many email addresses as you want and need.

For example, if you create 10 email addresses, each mailbox would have an average size of about 600 MB.

In addition, by configuring the email addresses in an email program, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc., you can use local PC storage space.

HEX on the other hand offers individual mailboxes of 25GB or 3GB (HEX-LIGHT).

In addition to exchanging email messages on all configured devices, Hosted Exchange also synchronizes calendars and contacts on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

When ordering multiple HEX mailboxes, you can share calendars among the different users to your liking, for more transparency among them.