Professional email solution – Hosted Exchange


p.a CHF 18015 CHF/month
  • 25 GB storage space
  • Location-independent data retrieval
  • Responsive mail retrieval on all devices
  • Data storage in Switzerland
  • Outlook Interface

Email hosting from Switzerland

The complete package for your business

With Hosted Exchange (HEX), our professional email solution, you can access your emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes regardless of your location and device – be this a smartphone, tablet or PC. Automatic synchronization included.

Hosted Exchange supports all the functionalities of Microsoft Outlook without the need for a dedicated Exchange server.


A comprehensive email solution with the highest security and functionality

Access from all common end devices and Internet browsers

Share information and resources within the team

You only pay for what you really use

No email infrastructure necessary

p.a.CHF 180

Hosted Exchange (HEX)


  • Professional email solution for business customers,
  • based on the Microsoft Hosted Exchange platform,
  • covers additional functionalities around email (calendar, resources, tasks).
  • Centrally managed calendars, resources and tasks with accessibility for team members configurable according to needs
  • All data is stored in Switzerland and accessible regardless of location & device
ideal for
  • Companies and organizations,
  • that need email with all its functionalities,
  • without a dedicated IT mail infrastructure.
Price & Conditions
  • CHF 180.- / year per mailbox
  • Price refers to a contract period of one year & requires a registered domain with Swizzonic.
  • Please note that domain (s) and purchased hosting products are only activated and available when all invoices are settled.


HEX Light

HEX Light differs from HEX in the size of the mailbox and the lack of a feature for synchronizing and sharing the address book and calendar.



Microsoft Outlook License

Direct installation of Microsoft Outlook for central management of your data.




What is the advantage of a Exchange hosting from Switzerland?

In recent years, Switzerland has developed into one of the leading data locations in Europe and has acquired an excellent reputation.

The secure handling of sensitive data is ensured by the Data Protection Act, telecommunications secrecy or business secrecy.

These are important advantages of Switzerland as a business location.

In addition to a reliable legal system, Switzerland is considered an optimal data location in particular due to its excellent infrastructures, the availability of skilled personnel and political and economic stability.

How can I assign a Hosted Exchange email address to my domain?

Log in with your 7-digit user ID and personal password.

Navigate to “Administration of DOMAINs”.

Here you can make name server configurations as well as bind hosting products to the corresponding domain.

Click on the “Assign product” button in the last column.

In the top section you can enter the necessary name servers directly on the domain.

Find your desired product in the lower sections and bind it to the domain using the “Assign Product” button.

The system will configure the product for this domain. After that you will be redirected directly to the product configuration.

-> If you have made changes to the name servers during this step, it may take several hours until the product is functional.

New products can be ordered directly from this page by clicking the “Buy product” button.

What is the difference between the products MAIL and HEX (Hosted Exchange)?

With MAIL you have 6 GB of storage space and can link up to 10 different DOMAINs, as well as open as many email addresses as you want and need.

For example, if you create 10 email addresses, each mailbox would have an average size of about 600 MB.

In addition, by configuring the email addresses in an email program, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc., you can use local PC storage space.

HEX on the other hand offers individual mailboxes of 25GB or 3GB (HEX-LIGHT).

In addition to exchanging email messages on all configured devices, Hosted Exchange also synchronizes calendars and contacts on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

When ordering multiple HEX mailboxes, you can share calendars among the different users to your liking, for more transparency among them.

How can I check my email on my computer or cell phone?

You can access your webmail via the following link in the browser on your computer:

How to set up your mail client:

Attached are various configuration instructions for your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, etc.).

Using the auto-setup feature, you can simply enter your email address and the corresponding password in Outlook, for example – the rest will be configured automatically.

If the setup still does not work, you can use the following settings.

These settings are also valid for setting up a HEX-LIGHT mailbox:

Username (full email address) & Password:
Inbox server owa.liveapp.chTLS / STARTTLS (password normal) on port 143.

SSL/TLS (password normal) on port 993
Outgoing mail server:

TLS / STARTTLS on port 587
Authentication: “Use incoming server” or configure separately (email address & password)

How do I protect myself from unwanted SPAM/ Phishing?

Swizzonic offers active spam protection on all mail accounts, this includes:

– Handling of SPAM, including white-, black- and greylisting.
– Use of the virus scanner
– Blocking of dangerous attachments
– Activation of SPF checks
– Activation of header checks

Your emails are first redirected through our anti-spam gateway and tested for the above-mentioned points before being redirected to your mailbox. You administer the filter strength individually and easily via the web interface.

You can use our default settings or activate your personal ones – in the personal settings you can set them to DOMAIN level or to each individual mailbox (see box in the footnote for details).

Please also note the hints and help texts on