Supplement to Hosted Exchange with reduced scope

p.a.CHF 60

Hosted Exchange Light

  • Access independent of location and device
  • Certified data centers
  • Add On to HEX
Hosted Exchange Light

The complete package for businesses

HEX Light is a product based on the Microsoft HEX platform with a mailbox space of 3GB. HEXlight is different to HEX in terms of mailbox size and the lack of the synchronising function and sharing of your address book and calendar.


The comprehensive e-mail solution for the highest security and functionality requirements

Retrieval via the end device or the Internet browser from anywhere

Individualized Outlook functions

No need for your own e-mail infrastructure

Cost-effective mail solution


The Hosted Exchange Light solution…

HEX Light

  • Cost-effective addition to the product HEX. Based on the Microsoft Hosted Exchange platform with reduced scope

Why HEX Light?

  • Hosted Exchange Mailbox
  • All data is stored in Switzerland and can be accessed by customers from anywhere

Who is Hex Light for?

  • Companies as well as organisations
  • People who wish for an extensive e-mail solution
  • People who don’t want their own e-mail infrastructure

Price and conditions

p.a.CHF 36

Microsoft Outlook Licence

Direct installation of Microsoft Outlook to manage all your data in one place