Forward your domain with LINK

p.a.CHF 29


  • Redirect E-Mails and Domains
  • Individual Domain Name System (DNS) Setting
  • Manage your portfolio in one place

Swizzonic Domain Name Server (DNS) in combination with a third-party hosting product

LINK enables you the usage of Swizzonic Domain Name Servers (DNS) and a set up of redirections for unlimited domains, registered at Swizzonic, to a web space or e-mail server hosted by a third party.


Connect your domain with email or web from a third party provider

Configuration of name server entries for each domain individually

No need to transfer your domain to another provider

Flexibility to choose your own provider

p.a.CHF 29



  • Connect a Swizzonic DOMAIN to a website or mail address from a third party provider
  • No need to transfer your DOMAIN away
  • Manage Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Redirection via DNS
  • Forwarding via .htaccess file
Ideal for
  • Managing your domain portfolio and settings at Swizzonic while being compatible and flexible with services from a third party.
Price & conditions
  • CHF 29.- /year
  • DOMAIN registered at Swizzonic
  • Kindly note, that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical details