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Premium Domain Services by Switzerlands Domain Pioneer

For every DOMAINFree Website & Shop


  • Select from Switzerland’s biggest Domain Portfolio with more than 500 extensions
  • Every DOMAIN receives access to our Sitebuilder to create a free website & mini online shop for up to 3 products

Swizzonic offers a real-time registration and administration DOMAIN’s.

Secure your desired internet address and manage your domain portfolio easily all-in-one place.

Swizzonic is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar of Switzerland


Country Domains

Country DOMAIN’s are highly recommended for websites, who are primarily focused on attracting visitors of the corresponding country/region.

Generic Domains (gTLD)

Vast portfolio of some of the globe’s best selling DOMAIN endings.

New Domains (ngTLD)

New DOMAINs are being launched almost every week. Find some interesting and creative domain endings associated to business, industries, education, cities, specific regions, hobby, lifestyle, travel, technology, arts, travel, mobility and many more areas of interest.

Check out our list of all DOMAIN endings (including prices).

Pre-register upcoming Domains

If your desired domain ending isn’t up for sale yet, you can still try and enlist a reserveration of the specific DOMAIN . Our team will contact you as soon as the DOMAIN will be released for sale.

This is how you reserve a soon-to-be-released domain:

Log into your Swizzonic account or create a new user account. Once you’re in the admin panel, click Administration of DOMAIN in the main menu, then click on Reservation of DOMAIN in the sub-menu. Click button add a new request in order to submit your interest in a specific domain and domain ending. Key in the domain you desire and send us your request.

We accept your reservation without any obligation. Our team will inform you as soon as the domain is ready to be registered. Please note that a registration will result in an official domain buying contract between you and Swizzonic.

We are Switzerland’s Domain Pioneer

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A free website for every DOMAIN with our intuitive Sitebuilder TOOL Basic.

Pre-registration of domains before their market release

Add more security options to your DOMAIN

Complete handling even with restrictions

Individual invoicing

  • TOOL Basic

    Secure your desired Internet address and manage your domain portfolio centrally in one place. We offer you real-time registration and administration of all your domains.

    We offer real-time registration and administration of all your DOMAINs. Our DOMAIN extensions are divided into the following categories: Country DOMAINs, Generic DOMAINs and New DOMAINs.

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    • LINK

      Forwarding your DOMAIN to a third-party web space or email server

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    • PRIVACY: Protect your data

      Protection of privacy by ensuring that your personal DOMAIN data is not publicly accessible.

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    • SAFE: Protect your Domain

      Protection of your DOMAIN from deletion, name server modification and transfer.

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  • TOOL Basic

    Wir präsentieren die neueste Sitebuilder-Technologie für eine neue Generation von Website-Designs.

    Ob professionelle Business-Webseite, persönliche Homepage oder Online-Shop. Mit Stil und ohne Aufwand zeitgeistige und responsive Webseite im Nu erstellen. Der smarte TOOL Editor macht’s möglich.

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      SHOP Basic

      Online verkaufen mit einem attraktiven SHOP. Starten Sie Ihr Verkaufsabenteuer jetzt und ganz ohne Zusatzkosten.

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What is a DOMAIN?

  • DOMAIN is a address on the Internet associated to your website and/ or mail address – a DOMAIN is comparable to a mobile number in the mobile network.
  • A DOMAIN subscription enables you the usage of a domain adress in the internet.
  • Automatic renewal of your DOMAIN subscription on an annual base for your own convenience and a smooth, non-disruptive operation of your DOMAIN.
  • DOMAIN can be terminated if you desire.

Functions of DOMAIN

  • Localize your website and / or webshop on the internet
  • Address and individualize your your mail
  • A domain is a personal identifier for your individual online presence
  • A domain enables you to to individualize your mail adress
  • A domains associates a virtual address with your brand & company

DOMAIN is ideal for

  • representing and communicating a business, community, organisation, initiatives, ideas, blog or hobbies with a world wide audience online.

Prices & conditions

  • Pricing depends on the specific domain extension
  • Free acces to the basic version of our latest sitebuilder technology TOOL to launch either a quick Business One-Pager in four steps or a responsive website with two content pages.
  • Kindly note that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical details

Additonal functions and services for your DOMAIN



Safely forward your DOMAIN to a web storage space or email server of a third-party




Anonymity of your privacy in the Whois & protection against identity theft or hijacking




Increased security in the event of deletion, misuse, transfer or name server changes