Product Overview

Select the ideal web hosting solution for your online presence.

From an easy-to-use Sitebuilder to Managed WordPress with a pre-installed Premium theme to a smooth web hosting performance for any kind of online presence. We’ve got you covered.


p.a.CHF 165

TOOL Premium

Swizzonic’s award-winning Sitebuilder makes your website dreams come true.

Ain’t no technical or graphic skills required. Whether a personal homepage or business page – TOOL Premium’s intuitive editor technology and brilliant design features helps you to create a professional web presence in no time.


p.a. CHF 430


Our Hosted WordPress service covers the technical part of your website.

Ideal for anyone who is familiar with WordPress CMS. Inlcuding a pre-installed website, GeneratePress Premium theme, useful Plugins, daily backups and domain installation by Swizzonic.

Web Hosting

p.a.CHF 129

WEB Swiss

Maximised security and modern IT infrastructure in Swiss data centres.

Ultra-fast and secure web hosting for your websites with Swiss server location and many other features

Protected data exchange with our E-Mail and Groupware products through Swiss server and cloud location.

Choose between a personalised webmail account, synchronised E-Mail exchange or sophisticated cloud-based workspace for real-time data communication.

Mail Hosting

p.a.CHF 59


A personalized email address with your Domain.

Including storage space, email aliases, forwarding and autoreply, spam and virus protection.

Server location Switzerland

Hosted Exchange

p.a. CHF 180


Safe mail exchange and real-time synchronisation of your data.

Access and manage your mails, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes from multiple devices and at any time.

Server location Switzerland


p.a.CHF 348


Cloudbased E-Mail and Groupware solution for you and your business.

A comprehensive Microsoft Office Business package with cloud-based data exchange. No servers needed.

Cloud-Location Switzerland

Quoted prices refer to a product subscription term of one 1 year and require a DOMAIN registration at Swizzonic.

Business Hosting Solutions

Amplify your ventures, ideas and teams with powerful hosting by Swizzonic.

Business Light


Solid hosting for your data and a modern website for your business online.

Combine our three most demanded hosting products for your own business success. Register your DOMAIN, design your website with our easy-to-use Sitebuilder TOOL Premium and strengthen your brand communication with a personalized E-Mail address associated to your DOMAIN.

  • TOOL
  • MAIL
  • Buy / Register a DOMAIN

    Switzerland’s biggest domain portfolio

    We offer a real-time registration and administration of domains. Register your DOMAIN at Swizzonic and receive exclusive benefits and treats including a complimentary website and webshop for every DOMAIN.

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    • Domain PRIVACY: Protect your data

      Non-disclosure of personal data with the public e.g Whois-database and any third-party.

      See Add-On
    • SAFE: Protect your Domain

      Additional protection of your DOMAIN in case of inadvertend deletion, name server modification and/or transfer.

      See Add-On
  • TOOL Premium: Sitebuilder

    New technology for a new generation of website design

    Whether a professional website, personal homepage or online shop. Create a sleek and responsive web presence with our intuitive editor.

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    • SHOP Pro: Online Shop (E-Commerce) with advanced features

      Upgrade your web shop with sophisticated selling and branding experiences. Sell up to 2’500 products and benefit from a huge array of extended functions like e.g. App-Management, Google-Checkout, Data analysis, customized order and invoice forms and many more.

      See Add-On
    • SHOP: Create your online shop (E-Commerce)

      Sell up to 100 products through our powerful e-commerce platform. SHOP supports 37 languages, real-time tracking of payment and inventory, real-time shipping quotes calculation and many more state-of-the-art features and functions.

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  • E-Mail with personal domain

    Cost-efficient and secured mail communication

    Webmail with sufficient memory space. Including spam and virus protections, unlimited number of mailboxes and other relevant e-mail features. All data is saved in Switzerland.

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    • MAIL Upgrade – storage space extension

      Increase your MAIL storage space for a smooth and continuously optimized email communication and accessibility.

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Business Light starting CHF 173.50 per year

Register your DOMAIN and manually add TOOL Premium and MAIL to your cart.

Business Pro

DOMAIN + smart@work

Modern workflow for collaborative team spirit and productivity.

Ensure a fluid communication and stable data flow with privileged data security while meeting highest quality standards. Benefit from a state-of-the-art IT structures, real-time synchronization with cloud-based data exchange as well as data and responsive e-mail access from any device.

This is how you do it:

Combine your DOMAIN with our ingenious overall package smart@work to access latest versions of all essential Microsoft Office business applications. Definitely an efficient hosting set-up. smart@work organically keeps up with your business needs due to a high level of flexibility in terms of managing access and user rights. So you only pay what you really need and no own server infrastructure is required.


Swizzonic offers the biggest DOMAIN portfolio in Switzerland. Sure you will find your perfect DOMAIN that resonates best with your business, region and target audience.


Establish and nourish a collaborative and productive work culture with this professional groupware solution. Including privileged data security through Swiss cloud location.

Business Pro starting CHF 363.50 per year

Register your DOMAIN and add smart@work manually to the cart