Newsletter October 2020

Veröffentlicht am 30th September 2020

Professional Website and Web Shop

Fall-Special: Free access to our Premium Sitebuilder & Shop editor for 2 months.

Use Code: TOOL-Promo

Create a website with our easy-to-use Sitebuilder TOOL Premium and start selling up to 100 products online with our SHOP system. No technical or graphic skills required.

2 MonthsFREE

TOOL Premium

Our award-winning Sitebuilder makes your website dreams come true. Including beautiful design themes and ready-made content blocks.

Newest user technology reduces your own effort down to what really counts – simply a nice website. TOOL Premium’s intuitive editor helps you creating a professional web presence with no prior web design knowledge. Including a nice selection 60+ design themes and 100+ pre-configured content blocks.

2 MonthsFREE


Modern shop editor with essential e-commerce and point-of-sale features to start and grow a business online. 

SHOP guarantees you and your customers a satisfying state-of-the-art online selling and shopping experience. Whether through your website, mobile marketplaces or social media. SHOP supports a variety of distribution channels, 37 languages, common payment methods and popular delivery services.

Price & Conditions

Code TOOL-Promo is valid until end of December 2020. This special promotion requires a domain registered at Swizzonic.

Kindly note, that domain/s and related hosting products like Sitebuilder or e-Commerce editor will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled. In case of this promotion, you are only required to settle the annual price of your domain. This price depends on the domain you choose to associate to your website / web shop.

You can cancel the promotion of either TOOL Premium and/or SHOP within two months. After two months the annual product subscription plan of both products – Sitebuilder TOOL Premium and SHOP – will automatically be applied (CHF 295).

Let’s get started

Apply the code TOOL-Promo when adding the product TOOL Premium to your basket in our shop.

If you already own a domain at Swizzonic, just log into your account (7-digit user ID and password) to purchase the product TOOL Premium and the Add-On product SHOP within the hosting panel.

Don’t forget to enter code TOOL-Promo in the cart to enable two months of free access to both editors.

Visit our TOOL Premium page for more information and detailed instructions on how to allocate the Sitebuilder to your domain and how to start the editor to finally launch your website and online shop.

40% discount for generic domains

.business .blog .boutique

Use Code: Swizzonic-Promo

Regular CHF 3923.40


Regular CHF 4929.40


Regular CHF 4929.40


Enjoy a promotional discount rate in the first year upon registering a new domain to Swizzonic with one of the above mentioned domain extensions.

If you already own a domain with one of the promotional extensions at a different hosting provider, simply transfer your domain to Swizzonic.

The promotional code is valid until end of October 2020. Please enter the code by yourself upon registering the domain and kindly don’t forget to type Swizzonic-Promo into the code field of your cart.

Read below more detailed instructions on how to register/transfer a domain to benefit from the promotional discount.

Register a new domain with current discount code

Find your desired domain address with one of the discounted domain extension through our domain finder. Select a domain and continue by opening a Swizzonic user account or –  if already existing – simply log into your user account with user ID number and password.

Enter the promotional code Swizzonic-Promo in your shopping cart and complete the purchase by setting your preferred payment method and accepting our terms of use.

Transfer your domain to Swizzonic

Request a transfer code from your current domain provider to transfer your domain to Swizzonic.

Open a new Swizzonic user account , or if already existing, log in to your existing user account.

Click on Manage DOMAIN’s  in the the navigation menue. Open tab Transfer to Swizzonic. Enlist the domain you wish to transfer with its associated transfer code.

Confirm the transfer to Swizzonic through order button and enter campaign code DOMAIN-Promo in the shopping cart. Complete your domain transfer at the promotional rate by setting your preferred payment method and by checking our terms of service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now available on

We’ve bundled all information and frequently asked questions in one place on our homepage through a so-called subdomain. Find more information about our products including technical instructions and guidance regarding your Swizzonic user account and settings on our FAQ-website.

Follow the link below to visit the new FAQ location.

Swizzonic Helpdesk

You didn’t find the answer you were looking for in our FAQ-database? Then feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly helpdesk team is available from Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 12 pm and 1pm to 6 pm. You can also send us your request by e-mail.

0848 69 69 69