Get a free website and webshop with every domain, using our Sitebuilder TOOL Basic and open a mini online shop with SHOP Basic.

Free website & webshop for every domain

Enjoy premium benefits: Register your domain with Swizzonic and get exclusive access to our award-winning Sitebuilder TOOL (website & online store).

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DOMAIN Swizzonic


Choose from over 500 domain extensions and secure your desired domain address including premium benefits.

Register your DOMAIN with Swizzonic and automatically get the opportunity to create a beautiful website and/ or ONE mini online store for free (per DOMAIN).

with any domainFREE
TOOL Basic_Swizzonic

TOOL Basic

Online in style, securely and easily. The free version of the intuitive Sitebuilder TOOL makes it possible.

TOOL Basic is suitable for creating a responsive campaign landing page, a stylish portfolio or even a professional business one-pager, among other things.

with every domainFREE
SHOP Basic_Swizzonic

SHOP Basic

Start your online success story with a webshop for selling up to 3 products.

SHOP Basic is an add-on of TOOL Basic and integrated in Sitebuilder. SHOP supports PayPal as payment method as well as known shipping and parcel service providers.

Prices & Conditions

For each DOMAIN you will receive a free website + webshop with a free access to the sitebuilder TOOL Basic and the e-commerce platform SHOP Basic.

For your SSL certificate secured website and webshop you only pay the annual subscription price of your DOMAIN. The DOMAIN subscription price depends on the chosen domain extension.

Your advantages

Free website for any DOMAIN

Over 60 modern design templates

Beautiful online presence quickly with a responsive homepage

Includes mini online store for selling up to 3 products & PayPal payment method

Quick launch of a business one-pager for your first professional presence & accessibility on the internet

Integrated image database with millions of Hi-Res photos for free inclusion on your free website with TOOL Basic

The journey to your free website: Here’s how to set it up

After you have found your suitable desired DOMAIN, you can activate the Sitebuilder. After that you choose a suitable design template and start designing your website, as well as your online store if you wish.

Choose a domain

Find the right internet address for your website among over 500 domain extensions at Swizzonic. We offer you the largest domain portfolio in Switzerland, from .zuerich, and .swiss over .com, .ch, and .de to .blog, .company, .hair and many more. .

How to register your desired domain for your free website:

Enter the desired Internet address in the Domain Finder, e.g. Please note: You will need a user account if you do not already have one. The process “to the Domain Finder” includes the creation.

Expert tips for determining a good domain name:

  • Brevity is the spice of life – i.e. short names are more likely to be remembered.
  • Avoid special characters – even hyphens if possible.
  • Refrain from using a name that already exists in a similar form.
  • If necessary, clarify existing trademark rights in order to avoid unnecessary legal disputes.

You have registered a domain with another provider and would like to have it registered with Swizzonic in the future?

This is how the transfer to Swizzonic works:

1. Order a transfer code from your current domain provider for the domain to be transferred to us.

2. Open Swizzonic user account

For the transfer of domains a user account with us is necessary. Log in or create a new account.

3. Once you are logged in

Select “Administration of DOMAINs” in the navigation bar. Then click on the “Transfer to Swizzonic” menu sub-item. Fill in the fields according to the default. Confirm the transfer with the “Order” button.

Activate Sitebuilder

In your user account, select the menu item “Administration of DOMAIN” to get to the DOMAIN Manager.

Assign TOOL Basic to your domain in the “Action” column with “Assign/Edit Products” button by scrolling to the Sitebuilder tab and clicking “Assign Product”.

Now you can open Sitebuilder and create your free website.

Select the desired design template

Currently, our Sitebuilder offers over 60 design templates for you to choose from.

Create the website

The new Sitebuilder has some convenient operation and design features ready for you:

The content block library provides you with a comprehensive selection of ready-made, style-safe content blocks.

An intuitive and responsive user interface for creating the website makes it possible to create a professional website even without prior technical knowledge.

Inline editing helps you directly edit text content, text hierarchies, and design formatting.

The inline menu bar (plus icon) lets you duplicate, move, and delete content blocks.

A simple navigation bar allows you to easily manage your website.

Create online store

Here’s how it works:

In the menu navigation bar, select the “Website” menu item via drop-down and click on “Online Shop”. A hint window will then open on the screen. Now click on the “Exit page” button to enter the SHOP menu.


TOOL Basic Editor usually saves changes and works on your free website automatically. However, we recommend that you save them manually on a regular basis before exiting the editor.

Great to see you Online

With the Sitebuilder TOOL you have the possibility to create a professional website on your own and without any technical knowledge. We have summarized 3 authoritative rules for designing an attractive website according to today’s design standards and principles for you:

1. Hick’s Law states that the more options available, the harder it is for a user to decide. Don’t overuse CTAs and don’t link too much to other pages.

2. Less is more. Don’t distract too much from the content and avoid graphic overload. Graphic elements like photos, colors and shapes are helpful for branding, but everything in mass.

3. White Space on the web page improve readability and make it easier to “take in” the entire image.

After completion, you can easily go live/publish your website as well as your online store with a button.


Sitebuilder supports editing and responsive display of your website on all current web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. Note: Internet Explorer is an outdated web browser and should no longer be used for security reasons.

Website & Webshop

The following upgrades are available

Within the scope of a DOMAIN subscription, there is always the possibility of one or more chargeable upgrades.

p.a.CHF 165
TOOL Premium_Swizzonic

TOOL Premium

The site builder with over 60 design templates and over 100 content blocks per template, plus a CSS style editor for customization.

p.a.CHF 130
TOOL Shop_Swizzonic


The perfect platform with relevant e-commerce and point-of-sale capabilities to start, run and grow a business globally.

p.a.CHF 360


The premium store solution for wholesalers with extended functions for customer-oriented sales processes.