Register your domain at Swizzonic and enjoy free access to our Sitebuilder TOOL Basic and web shop platform SHOP Basic.

Free website & web shop for every domain

Enjoy premium benefits: Register your domain with Swizzonic and get exclusive access to our
award-winning Sitebuilder for your first website and online shop.

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Choose from over 500 domain endings and secure your desired address.

Register your domain with Swizzonic and we will gift you free access to our Sitebuilder to create a nice website and/or mini online shop for free.

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TOOL Basic

Secure and easy online. Create a beautiful website with our intuitive Sitebuilder.

Launch a first website, campaign landing page, personal homepage or even a professional business one-pager with TOOL Basic.

for every DOMAINFree

SHOP Basic

Tap into the online business by operating a mini web shop with up to 3 products.

Sell products online, including digital items like e.g. music or photos. SHOP Basic supports safe payment procedure through PayPal.

Prices & Conditions

We grant you access to the basic version of our Sitebuilder and web shop for every domain registered at Swizzonic. Your website and web shop stays online for free and includes a SSL-certification.

You only pay the annual subscription price of your DOMAIN. The DOMAIN subscription price depends on the chosen domain extension.

Your Premium Benefits

Free website for every domain

Over 60 multifunctional design templates

Nice and easy online with a responsive homepage

Including Mini-Online-Shop for the sale of 3 products & PayPal as a payment method

Quick-Launch of a Business One-Pager for your first professional presence & accessibility on the Internet

Step by step instructions

A soft start to conquer the digital world. From registering your domain, starting your website with TOOL Basic and incorporating a mini web shop with SHOP Basic to a final launch of your online presence.

Choose a domain

A domain is basically an address as well as an identity on the web. With over 500 domain endings, Swizzonic offers Switzerland’s largest domain portfolio. From regional and global bestseller, to industry-specific, lifestyle oriented and creative domains.

How it works:
Check the availability of your desired domain in our domain search bar and register your domain.

Kindly note, that you are required to open a Swizzonic user account in order to manage domain/s and to benefit from our Free Website & Webshop Special. Feel free to open your account before you start finding your domain or go with the flow, find your domain first and open your account during the domain registration process.

If you already own a domain at Swizzonic and you wish to start your complimentary website then simply log into your existing Swizzonic Account (7-digit User-ID and personal Password) and activate the Sitebuilder by following the instructions in Step 2.

You’ve already registered a domain at another provider but you still wish to benefit from our Premium Domain Special, then transfer your domain to Swizzonic. Here is how you do it:

  1. Request a transfer code from your current registrar for the domain that you wish to transfer to us.
  2. Open a Swizzonic user account, or if already existing, log in to your user account.
  3. Click on Manage DOMAIN’s  in the the navigation menue. Open tab Transfer to Swizzonic. Enlist the domain you wish to transfer with its associated transfer code.
  4. Confirm the transfer to Swizzonic through order button.

Tips from our domain experts for determining a good domain name

  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Meaning short names are more likely to be remembered.
  • Avoid special characters and if possible hyphens.
  • Do not use a name that already exists in a similar way.
  • Clarify any existing trademark rights to avoid unnecessary litigation.

Activate the Sitebuilder

Once you’ve registered a domain at Swizzonic, you automatically created an user account that enables you mange your domain settings and assign hosting products like e.g. the Sitebuilder to your domain.

How to activate the Sitebuilder:

Log into your Swizzonic account with your User ID (7-digit number) and your personal password.

Click on “Manage DOMAINs” in the navigation bar to open the Domain Manager dashboard with your domain portfolio.

Go to column “Actions” > click button “Assign/Edit Products” to open Product Assignment dashboard. Several tabs open up below.

Scroll down to the Sitebuilder tab and associate either TOOL Basic or TOOL Premium to your domain by selecting the button “Assign Product” 

Kindly be reminded: Shop Basic is automatically included within TOOL Basic and free for every domain registered at Swizzonic. Therefore by assigning TOOL Basic to your domain, the SHOP Basic plan will automatically be assigned as well.

Please also note: In order to upgrade your website and web shop functions from TOOL and SHOP Basic plan to TOOL Premium plan or SHOP / SHOP Pro, you are required to purchase the payable products beforehand.

Each hosting products will be available and ready for a domain assignment once the annual invoice of the hosting product has been settled.

Choose your design template

Select a design template that reflects your project and style. Every design template comes with a bright selection of  preconfigured content-blocks. All ready-made and flexible in terms of editing look & content of each block.
Once you’ve decided on a theme, the Sitebuilder’s user interface editor will open. Hooray – you’re ready to start your project on a blank canvas.

The most important tools to edit your website are instantly visible. A clean navigation menue bar and by hovering over your template – the inline-menu item – the plus-symbol – appears.

The plus-symbol enables you to add content to your website.

Simply tap on the plus-symbol to open the content-block library and to choose and drop a content-block into your canvas.

Use the navigation bar to modify so-called meta data to your website (such as logo, social media profiles and contact information). 

Create your website

Design your website by using preconfigured content blocks to structure your website from header to footer.

Duplicate an entire page if desired and edit the name of each page directly in the navigation bar.

OR launch a quick Business-One-Pager:

Select a design template to start the editor. Open the content library (plus-symbol) and select content block “Business Card”. Enter relevant informations like for e.g contact details, upload your a pictures if you wish – and your responsive One-Pager is ready to go online. 

Add web shop

Go to the navigation bar of the editor, open menu item “Website” and select “Online Shop”. A message box will pop-up on your screen. Confirm “Leave Page” to enter the SHOP editor.

A wizard guide assists you with the setup of your products and installation of your web shop conditions. Click on “Back to Editor” button located top-left of the navigation bar to return to the TOOL editor. Drag & Drop content block “Online Shop” into your template. Kindly note: Stylistic properties of your content-block web shop (e.g. buttons, product displays etc) can be adjusted through the SHOP editor menu.

Although the TOOL Editor automatically saves your changes, we still recommend that you manually save your website before you open the online shop environment. Button Save is located in the menu navigation bar.

Nice to see you online

With the Sitebuilder you can create a professional web presence without design and programming knowledge. We have summarized 3 authoritative rules for designing an attractive website according to today’s design standards and principles for you:

1. Hick’s Law states that the more selection an individual has, the longer it will take to make a decision. Therefore prioritize information and reduce the number of links and call-to-action buttons for visitors to your website.

2. Less is more. Do not distract too much from the content and avoid graphical overload. Visual elements such as photos, colors and shapes are helpful for branding, but everything in moderation.

3. White space on the website improves readability and makes it easier to “take in” the entire image.

Launch your website and shop by clicking the final “Publish” button, located top-right of the editor’s navigation bar.

TOOL supports responsive views of your website on web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. Kindly note: Internet Explorer is not a current web browser.

Upgrade your website and web shop

Extend your online presence with our Premium plans

p.a.CHF 165

TOOL Premium

For unlimited content on your website. Including CSS style editor for individual adjustments and much more

p.a.CHF 130


Advaned platform with relevant e-commerce and point-of-sale functions to start, operate and expand a business globally.

p.a.CHF 360


Premium e-commerce solution ideal for wholesalers. With extended functions for customer-oriented sales processes.

Swizzonic Helpdesk

Our helpdesk team is available by phone from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 6pm. You can also sen us your requests by email.