The Business Hosting Standard package – for your seamless web presence

Recommended for medium to large companies

Business Hosting Standard

from CHF 324.50 p.a.27.04 CHF/mo
Business Hosting Standard Paket Swizzonic Domain und Hosting

Create a modern and dynamic corporate culture with our Business Standard hosting & domain package.

Business Standard is a combination of a professional Hosted Exchange email solution, ultra-fast and secure web hosting and your domain. Including privileged data security through Swiss cloud location.

Please note that the products must be purchased separately and are not available in a package. This is a recommendation of the product combinations.

The reliable business hosting for your company

With the WEB Swiss product you’ll get ulta-fast and secure web hosting. Purchasing HEX gives you the possibility to access your emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes anytime and from anywhere, no matter on which device. Please note that the purchase and use of WEB Swiss and HEX requires a domain registered with Swizzonic.

All the services of the Business Hosting Standard package:

DOMAIN Swizzonic

Register your desired DOMAIN with the Swiss domain pioneer with the largest domain portfolio. Over 500 domain extensions.


This is how you benefit from the DOMAIN product:

Register your desired domain with Swizzonic (e.g.

WEB Swiss_Web Hosting

Experience the advantages of ulta-fast and secure WEB hosting with Swiss server location. Incl. personal support.


This is how you benefit from the WEB Swiss product:

With the WEB Swiss product you will experience the advantages of ultra-fast web hosting combined with the highest security standards. WEB Swiss offers enough storage space on a web server for your websites and apps. Install the product easily with one click. 25 GB storage capacity and 10 MySQL databases serve a good performance of your online presence. Additionally included is an SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt), which makes visiting your website secure and trustworthy.

Hosted Exchange Swizzonic_Outlook Exchange_Exchange Server

Responsive mail retrieval on all devices in the Outlook interface, regardless of location. Highest data security due to Swiss server location.


This is how you benefit from the HEX product:

Access your emails, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes from a variety of devices, regardless of location. Read your mails in the Outlook interface and benefit from all the features of Microsoft Outlook. All data is synchronized automatically.

Please note that the products must be purchased separately and are not available in a package. This is a recommendation of the product combinations.

Here’s how it works:

Create a user account if you do not already have one

Register your desired domain via Domain Finder

Add the WEB Swiss and HEX products to your DOMAIN in your user account

Create a user account

For the registration of domains and the purchase of hosting products at Swizzonic, the opening of a customer account at Swizzonic is necessary.

Register your desired domain

You can register your desired domain viaDomain Finderat Swizzonic.

Add the WEB Swiss and HEX products to your DOMAIN

Once you have created an account and purchased a DOMAIN, you can purchase the products that are included in the Business Hosting Standard package.

Done! Now you can install the products

After you have paid the invoices after receiving the order confirmation via secure payment link, you can start installing the products WEB Swiss and HEX on your domain. If you have any questions or uncertainties, our customer service will support you personally.


If you have already registered a domain with Swizzonic:

You have the possibility to buy WEB Swiss and HEX in your Swizzonic user account after logging in with your user ID (7-digit number) and personal password.

OR: Transfer your domain to Swizzonic (Domain Transfer):

To transfer your domain to Swizzonic, order a transfer code from your current registrar for the domain you want to transfer. Then create a user account at Swizzonic. Log in directly if you already have a user account. Use your User-ID (7-digit number) and your personal password.

After you have logged in, you will find on the navigation bar the menu item «Administration of DOMAINs» the menu sub-item «Transfer to Swizzonic». Enter the domain to be transferred with authentication code according to the given description into the provided text field. With the button «order» you complete the transfer to Swizzonic.

Buy WEB Swiss and HEX manually

Once your domain is registered with us or transferred to us, you can install the WEB Swiss product in one click. Likewise you can assign the product HEX to the DOMAIN in your account.

Please note that the products must be purchased separately and are not available in a package. This is a recommendation of the product combinations. Start with one domain.


Business Pro Hosting

What exactly is the Business Standard Hosting package?

The Business Standard Hosting package includes a DOMAIN, WEB Swiss Hosting and the HEX product and is a recommendation to combine the products on our part.

For whom is the package (DOMAIN, WEB Swiss and HEX) particularly suitable?

The Business Standard package is suitable for medium to large companies looking for a professional solution for their web presence.

What is the difference between Business Light Hosting and Business Standard Hosting?

The Business Light Hosting includes the products DOMAIN, TOOL Premium and MAIL. The Business Standard Hosting package includes the products DOMAIN, WEB Swiss and HEX. More information about the Business Light product can be found here: