Modern workflow for collaborative team spirit and productivity.

DOMAIN + smart@work

Enable a fluid communication and stable data flow with privileged data security while meeting highest quality standards. Benefit from a state-of-the-art IT structures, real-time synchronization with cloud-based data exchange as well as data and responsive e-mail access from any device.

This is how it works:

Combine your DOMAIN with our ingenious overall package smart@work to access latest versions of all essential Microsoft Office business applications. smart@work organically keeps up with your business needs due to it’s high level of flexibility regarding access and user rights.

You only pay what you really use and no need to maintain your own server infrastructure – exchange data through smart@works highly secured Swiss cloud.


Swizzonic offers the biggest DOMAIN portfolio in Switzerland. Sure you will find your perfect DOMAIN that resonates best with your business, region and target audience.

Swizzonic Special: A complimentary website for every DOMAIN. Enjoy free access to the basic version of our award-winning Sitebuilder TOOL and launch your first and responsive homepage in no time – including a mini-shop with 3 products or smart Quick-Start option for a professional Business-One-Pager.



Establish and nourish a collaborative and productive work culture with this professional groupware solution. Including privileged data security through Swiss cloud location.

Microsoft’s modern and secure e-mail and groupware solution exclusively brought to you by Swizzonic. Get access to the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on the cloud or locally through any common gadget, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone.


Business Pro – starting CHF 363.50 / per year*

*Register your DOMAIN and manually add smart@work to your cart. Each registered DOMAIN at Swizzonic automatically receives free access to our Sitebuilder TOOL Basic to create and launch a complimentary website.